Environmental Energy Business
Future Science Research From the point of view of how the Japanese advanced energy technology can contribute to society and people, we provide the following services which are required to continue to expand the business.

Provide general management consulting and management service

Provide market analysis and information of start-up or new business

Investment and finance to companies

Research and coordination of technology


Corporate training

Our main environmental energy technology

High dimensional separator technology

3DOM was successful in the development of 3DOM separator of three-dimensional ordered porous structure using a polyimide (PI) of high heat resistance in collaboration with Prof. Kanamura Laboratory in Tokyo Metropolitan University. Characteristics of 3DOM separator is that since the porosity is as high 70%, migration of ions becomes smooth, and pore channel uniform the flow of ion, and supress the formation of dendrite. By using 3DOM separator in the lithium secondary battery, 3DOM has achieved to develop high-capacity secondary battery preserves the long life, dramatically improved safety and energy density of a several times higher. As the secondary battery is said to be a “rice 21st century industry”, 3DOM will make a significant contribution to social change by providing and spreading a technique that significantly improve the energy density of the secondary battery.
zenmotor Inc.

zenmotor Inc.

Electric motors are widely used in our daily life for mobile phones, personal computers, and refrigerators to name a few. It is said that more than half of the total electricity is consumed by electric motors in Japan. As the cars and other forms of mobility are being replaced one after another from combustion system to electric power, electric motors will become one of the crucial components in the world of mobility, thereby increasing its presence. The energy efficiency of electric motors is said to be about 80% to 90%, and the heat loss when converting from electric energy to kinetic energy is only about 10%. But what if mobility around the world is turned into electricity? Suppression of such energy loss is an impending task. Clearly, higher efficiency along with higher output of electric motors should be the objective of product development theme. Under such social background, zenmotor works in collaboration with universities and other institutions towards commercializing the next-generation high efficiency electric motors.