Carve out a new future with innovative technologies
“Combined martial arts” Enterprise
– Future Science Research Inc.

Future Science Research Inc.
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2024.03.08 noco-noco
noco-nocoとNeogenが戦略的パートナーシップを締結し、 成長著しいインドの電池市場にX-SEPA™技術を投入(2031年までに160億米ドル超の見積り)
2024.03.06 BINEX
2024.01.16 noco-noco
noco-noco とGreenfuel、インドのクリーン・モビリティ政策を推進するための戦略的提携関係を締結
2024.01.09 3DOM
シンガポール上場企業であるSinjia Land Limitedとの逆買収を前提とした株式売買契約を解約
2023.12.06 noco-noco
2023.12.05 noco-noco
2023.12.04 noco-noco
2023.11.30 3DOM
2023.11.27 noco-noco
2023.09.28 noco-noco
noco-nocoとLNG Alliance、カーボンクレジットのオフテイク契約に向けた基本合意書を締結
2023.09.14 noco-noco
日刊工業新聞にBATTERY JAPAN 2023でnoco-nocoの出展内容が掲載されました
2023.09.06 noco-noco
2023.09.05 noco-noco
noco-nocoおよびスリーダムアライアンスグループ、 現在進行中の60℃での充放電サイクル試験で X-SEPA™ 搭載電池が2,000サイクルを超える
2023.08.28 noco-noco
noco-noco 、企業結合を完了 ナスダックでの取引開始を発表
2023.08.25 noco-noco
noco-noco Pte. Ltd.とPrime Number Acquisition I Corp.、企業結合に関する日程を発表
2023.08.01 3DOM
2023.07.26 noco-noco
Prime Number Acquisition I Corp.、株主総会招集通知/目論見書の発効および
noco-noco Pte. Ltd.との企業結合を承認するための2023年8月15日の臨時株主総会に関するお知らせ
2023.06.01 TOPICS
スマートエネルギー、クリーンモビリティ、サステイナブルな生活を融合した次世代社会を VivaTech 2023で発表
2023.04.27 3DOM
2023.04.18 3DOM
スリーダムアライアンス、X-SEPA™搭載のリチウムイオン電池が 高温環境下で通常環境使用以上の長寿命を実現
2023.04.06 3DOM
スリーダムアライアンス独自のセパレータ「X-SEPA™」搭載の リチウムイオン電池、次世代リチウム金属二次電池の充放電サイクル寿命に関する 研究結果を報告
2023.03.23 3DOM
2023.02.08 3DOM
スリーダムアライアンス 革新的なセパレータ技術「X-SEPA」 サンプル出荷を開始
2022.12.22 noco-noco
2022.12.12 noco-noco
2022.12.08 noco-noco
脱炭素化ソリューションを提供する3DOM Singaporeが新社名「noco-noco」へ
2022.11.24 3DOM
日経産業新聞にスリーダムアライアンス 次世代型リチウムイオン電池について特集記事が掲載されました
2022.08.18 BINEX
2022.05.26 3DOM
シンガポール新聞にSrivaru MotorsとのMOU締結に関する記事が掲載されました。
2022.05.23 3DOM
電動バイクメーカーのSrivaru Motors社と先端リチウムイオンバッテリ提供およびBMS開発を目的とした戦略的パートナーシップに関するMOUを締結
2022.05.16 BINEX
日経産業新聞にバイネックスに関する記事が掲載されました。 「バイオ燃料ソルガムに熱視線」
2022.04.28 BINEX
2022.04.07 3DOM
吉利自動車グループ傘下の江西吉利新能源商用車有限公司と新型電動商用車向けバッテリ 開発に関する戦略的パートナーシップに向けた覚書を締結
2022.04.01 BINEX
2022.03.24 BINEX
2022.02.16 3DOM
3DOMシンガポールがSustainable Energy Association of Singaporeに入会しました
2022.01.31 BINEX
シンガポール取引所の上場企業であるSinjia Land社と、逆買収を前提とした株式譲渡契約を締結
2022.01.06 TOPICS
2021.12.16 3DOM
2021.12.08 TOPICS
G8 Subseaが新興企業賞を受賞しました
2021.12.02 3DOM
2021.11.20 BINEX
Binexとシンガポール上場企業であるSinjia Land社、逆買収を前提とした法的拘束力を伴わないタームシートを締結
2021.06.01 BINEX


Carve out a new future with innovative technologies
“Combined martial arts” Enterprise – Future Science Research Inc.

Innovative technologies have always opened up the future throughout time.
Japanese companies have made a significant contribution to the world in that sence.
However, Japanese companies have a tendancy to fight with “point” but the trend in the business world has been switching to “Combined martial arts” with the “combined technique”.
We are now developing innovative technology focusing on environmental energy which requires technology the most nowadays and at the same time we are contributing to create a new society through establishing a new business model.

Management Philosophy

Rapid development of sudden acceleration of modern science has dramatically changed society and gave us a great deal of convenience and material wealth.
However, at the same time it is also a fact that it causes environmental or energy problems, and it has been questioned how to build a sustainable society.
We need to start fundamentally changing our thought about human society becoming rich from pursuing human interests.
We seriously consider what kind of society is desirable for human beings and will develop the necessary technology, and design a business model.
All we need is a spirit of service, love, and heart of gratitude.
All employees concern growth, share the joy of creating, and nurture the trust together.


Environmental Energy Business
Future Science Research From the point of view of how the Japanese advanced energy technology can contribute to society and people, we provide the following services which are required to continue to expand the business.

Provide general management consulting and management service

Provide market analysis and information of start-up or new business

Investment and finance to companies

Research and coordination of technology


Corporate training

Our main environmental energy technology

High dimensional separator technology

3DOM was successful in the development of 3DOM separator of three-dimensional ordered porous structure using a polyimide (PI) of high heat resistance in collaboration with Prof. Kanamura Laboratory in Tokyo Metropolitan University. Characteristics of 3DOM separator is that since the porosity is as high 70%, migration of ions becomes smooth, and pore channel uniform the flow of ion, and supress the formation of dendrite. By using 3DOM separator in the lithium secondary battery, 3DOM has achieved to develop high-capacity secondary battery preserves the long life, dramatically improved safety and energy density of a several times higher. As the secondary battery is said to be a “rice 21st century industry”, 3DOM will make a significant contribution to social change by providing and spreading a technique that significantly improve the energy density of the secondary battery.
zenmotor Inc.

zenmotor Inc.

Electric motors are widely used in our daily life for mobile phones, personal computers, and refrigerators to name a few. It is said that more than half of the total electricity is consumed by electric motors in Japan. As the cars and other forms of mobility are being replaced one after another from combustion system to electric power, electric motors will become one of the crucial components in the world of mobility, thereby increasing its presence. The energy efficiency of electric motors is said to be about 80% to 90%, and the heat loss when converting from electric energy to kinetic energy is only about 10%. But what if mobility around the world is turned into electricity? Suppression of such energy loss is an impending task. Clearly, higher efficiency along with higher output of electric motors should be the objective of product development theme. Under such social background, zenmotor works in collaboration with universities and other institutions towards commercializing the next-generation high efficiency electric motors.


Our Vision

Future Science Research (FSR) will contribute to the creation of a new society through the development of innovative technologies centering on the environment and energy fields where the technologies are mostly required and at the same time by building new business models. FSR will create state-of-the-art technology and innovative business models and strive to build a better society.

Our Business

FSR strives to demonstrate its abilities by commercializing innovative next-generation technologies such as lithium-ion batteries and highly efficient motors, By collaborating with major domestic and overseas leading companies and entrepreneurial venture companies, FSR develops business models, formulates business plans, conducts technical investigations and market researches, and raises funds for commercialization of such cutting-edge technologies. Currently, FSR is promoting projects such as the development of electric motorcycles, EVs and electrified vessels, and the operation of mobility services, utilizing the high-performance battery technology developed and propelled by 3DOM Inc., an entrepreneurial venture company originated from Tokyo Metropolitan University.

What is 3DOM Inc.?

3DOM Inc. is an entrepreneurial venture company originated by Tokyo Metropolitan University and is conducting research and development and commercializing next generation battery technologies including high-performance lithium ion battery, Professor Kiyoshi Kanamura of Tokyo Metropolitan University has assumed the position of 3DOM’s Member of the Board and Chief Technology Officer, As 3DOM has the great advantage of being able to make effective use of Professor Kanamura’s knowledge and expertise on varied components of battery, it has been receiving a great number of inquiries from major corporations including leading automobile manufacturers both domestically and internationally. The technology of lithium ion batteries possessed by 3DOM Inc. has been recognized as a breakthrough technology by NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization), and 3DOM is now preparing for volume production of such state-of-the-art batteries. In addition, as the high-performance separator for lithium secondary batteries developed by 3DOM Inc. realizes uniform electric current distribution, suppresses generation of dendrites, and contributes to longer life cycles and higher capacity of batteries on account of its structural characteristics, it has attracted attention of related industries and has been covered by newspapers and news media.


Corporate Profile
Company name Future Science Research Inc.
Address AKASAKA ENOKIZAKA BUILDING 8F, 1-7-1 AKASAKA, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0062
Established December 25, 2013
Capitalization ¥30,000,000
Affiliates 3DOM Alliance Inc.  zenmotor Inc. Binex Inc.
Representative Director and President Masato Tomitaku


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