Our Vision

Future Science Research (FSR) will contribute to the creation of a new society through the development of innovative technologies centering on the environment and energy fields where the technologies are mostly required and at the same time by building new business models. FSR will create state-of-the-art technology and innovative business models and strive to build a better society.

Our Business

FSR strives to demonstrate its abilities by commercializing innovative next-generation technologies such as lithium-ion batteries and highly efficient motors, By collaborating with major domestic and overseas leading companies and entrepreneurial venture companies, FSR develops business models, formulates business plans, conducts technical investigations and market researches, and raises funds for commercialization of such cutting-edge technologies. Currently, FSR is promoting projects such as the development of electric motorcycles, EVs and electrified vessels, and the operation of mobility services, utilizing the high-performance battery technology developed and propelled by 3DOM Inc., an entrepreneurial venture company originated from Tokyo Metropolitan University.

What is 3DOM Inc.?

3DOM Inc. is an entrepreneurial venture company originated by Tokyo Metropolitan University and is conducting research and development and commercializing next generation battery technologies including high-performance lithium ion battery, Professor Kiyoshi Kanamura of Tokyo Metropolitan University has assumed the position of 3DOM’s Member of the Board and Chief Technology Officer, As 3DOM has the great advantage of being able to make effective use of Professor Kanamura’s knowledge and expertise on varied components of battery, it has been receiving a great number of inquiries from major corporations including leading automobile manufacturers both domestically and internationally. The technology of lithium ion batteries possessed by 3DOM Inc. has been recognized as a breakthrough technology by NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization), and 3DOM is now preparing for volume production of such state-of-the-art batteries. In addition, as the high-performance separator for lithium secondary batteries developed by 3DOM Inc. realizes uniform electric current distribution, suppresses generation of dendrites, and contributes to longer life cycles and higher capacity of batteries on account of its structural characteristics, it has attracted attention of related industries and has been covered by newspapers and news media.