Carve out a new future with innovative technologies
“Combined martial arts” Enterprise – Future Science Research Inc.

Innovative technologies have always opened up the future throughout time.
Japanese companies have made a significant contribution to the world in that sence.
However, Japanese companies have a tendancy to fight with “point” but the trend in the business world has been switching to “Combined martial arts” with the “combined technique”.
We are now developing innovative technology focusing on environmental energy which requires technology the most nowadays and at the same time we are contributing to create a new society through establishing a new business model.

Management Philosophy

Rapid development of sudden acceleration of modern science has dramatically changed society and gave us a great deal of convenience and material wealth.
However, at the same time it is also a fact that it causes environmental or energy problems, and it has been questioned how to build a sustainable society.
We need to start fundamentally changing our thought about human society becoming rich from pursuing human interests.
We seriously consider what kind of society is desirable for human beings and will develop the necessary technology, and design a business model.
All we need is a spirit of service, love, and heart of gratitude.
All employees concern growth, share the joy of creating, and nurture the trust together.